Side-by-side comparison

with 3 top pro’s.

Set goals based on concrete evidence
Watch forward or backward,
one frame at a time with no blurring
slow motion,

What are "the fundamentals"?

If you want to start a heated discussion quickly, ask a group of tennis coaches how to properly hit a forehand or baseball coaches how to swing a bat. There is a huge disparity in the world of high performance coaching about the “fundamentals” of any particular sport. At Split Screen Sports we have simplified the task of separating the fundamentals from idiosyncrasies. If you study the best of the best side-by-side in slow-motion you can identify the things they do in common and the things that are unique to individuals. We believe it is just that simple. That’s why we use three professionals for comparison rather than just one. Putting yourself side by side with three of the best allows you to more effectively set goals and maximize progress.

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Frame-by-frame analysis

Slow-motion video allows for frame-by-frame focused analysis of movement to clearly identify technical strengths and weaknesses.

Monitor progress over time

Comparing video clips of the same subject over time is another benefit of using Split Screen Sports and an important way to monitor progress.

Set goals based on concrete evidence

Comparing the movement of the best professionals side-by-side allows aspiring athletes and coaches to identify differences and set goals for improvement.

Get better faster

Getting better faster is a goal shared by all competitive athletes. Improvement requires identifying weaknesses and making corrections through repetition.