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The founder of Split Screen Sports has worked as a tennis teaching professional since 1993. He has personally experienced the critically important role that video analysis plays in the development of the modern athlete. Over the years, he has tried to incorporate video analysis into his tennis training programs and discovered how difficult it is to do with enough consistency and quality to be effective.


There are very few players, programs or coaches in the world, except for some of the very elite, that are able to successfully integrate comparative video analysis into their regular training routine. Wrestling with cameras and computers, complicated operation manuals, video transfer, tangled and missing cords, short battery life, and hardware and software compatibility are just a few of the logistical nightmares faced by players and coaches. Simply finding the time to do all this and then sit down in front of a computer to analyze the video is a challenge. Add to that the task of finding good quality, slow motion, video footage of top professionals shot from the same angle then trying to synchronize for effective comparison and the job becomes overwhelming.


Split Screen Sports was developed as a simple and affordable way to solve this problem for athletes and coaches. With a team of athletes, coaches, videographers and techies, we have refined this process. We provide a quality video comparison product that makes it easy to discover the fundamentals of a sport by comparing the movement of the best professionals side-by-side in a way that allows aspiring athletes and coaches to identify differences and set goals for improvement.


We deliver clear, slow-motion video, side-by-side and synchronized with recognized top professionals in the world. The subject’s video is placed in a four square video collage adjacent to three top professionals to allow for clear frame-by-frame comparison. Set goals based on the movements common to the greatest athletes from a sport (fundamentals) rather than trying to imitate just one athlete and picking up unnecessary idiosyncrasies. Comparing video clips of the same subject over time is another benefit of using Split Screen Sports and an important way to monitor progress. All this at less than the cost of a few of private lessons make the decision simple. Give us a call today to "Watch & Learn" with Split Screen Sports!