Why Use Split Screen Sports

            Why Use Split Screen Sports ?

Getting better faster is a goal shared by all competitive athletes. Improvement requires identifying weaknesses and making corrections through repetition. Coaches clearly understand the difficulty in identifying technical issues at full speed with the naked eye. Additionally, coaches are often working with several athletes at the same time and from a distance which makes it almost impossible to identify the source of technical problems effectively. Add to that, if you were to ask five different coaches watching the same athlete what changes they need to make to improve you would most likely get five different answers.


Slow-motion video allows for frame-by-frame focused analysis of movement to clearly identify technical strengths and weaknesses. Placing the subject video adjacent to three of the best examples from the pros keeps coaches and athletes from straying too far from the fundamentals of the sport. If three of the top professionals in the world are all making the same move that you are not – you should. This process quickly puts athletes and coaches on the same page regarding necessary changes and eliminates arguments about technical errors.


Regardless of the sport, all athletes and coaches can learn from the best. The best way to do that is to "Watch & Learn" with Split Screen Sports.